Soundproofing Blankets

Soundproofing Blankets: Absorbing Blankets Vs. Acoustic Blankets

Soundproofing blankets might sound like they are used for beds, but they are actually just thick sheets of material that can be hung anywhere. Most people use them to cover rrs, loud equipment (like big dishwashers, ACs and heat pumps) and other areas where noise is generated. In general, there are two types of soundproofing blankets: sound absorbing and acoustic quality. Both have their pros and cons, so find out which one is best for your needs.

Sound Absorbing Blankets

This type of soundproofing blanket is the cheaper option of the two. In general, it doesn’t do nearly as good a job as acoustic blankets at blocking sound. However, before you run off and spend the extra dough on acoustic blankets, you should hear about what sound absorbing blankets are capable of.

While they don’t block as much noise, you’ll be happy to know that these blankets do a very good job of blocking sounds at a higher pitch. Most of the noise clutter you’ll want to block, including human voices, most instruments (not including bass) and appliances, work at a higher pitch. While these blankets won’t block the sound completely, they will do a good job.

You can improve the amount of sound blocked by buying thicker blankets. The thicker the material, the more sound blocked. If you need affordable soundproofing in a limited space, then these blankets are ideal. They may not block the most, but you definitely get a good value considering their effectiveness related to their cost.

Acoustic Quality Blankets

On the other hand, you have acoustic quality blankets. These items are significantly more expensive, but there’s a reason why. They block much more noise and they do it on a wider scale. While sound absorbing blankets only work well with higher pitches, acoustic quality blankets block sounds from across the spectrum. They are made specifically for studios and in-house theaters, making them the best choice when you absolutely need to reduce sound without any compromise. You can also use these blankets to clarify sound in large hallways and other areas where sound tends to echo.

Since these blankets tend to be used in more professional spaces, the majority of them are made with a better aesthetic. They look and feel great, which means that you can hang them anywhere without feeling ashamed or having to make design adjustments. This option is best if you need a professional level of sound blocking while still keeping your room or space aesthetically pleasing. However, the higher cost might be prohibitive if you just need something that blocks common sounds and you’ll be using it for personal spaces.


Finding the best soundproofing blanket will take time and research, but you’ll almost always run into items from one of these two categories. It largely becomes a question of price versus effectiveness. Both items are great at reducing noise, but acoustic blankets are obviously superior. Neither is incredibly expensive, but it’s much easier to buy sound absorbing blankets as they are the much cheaper of the two.