Soundproof Buying Guide: How To Do It Cheaply & On Your Own

There are dozens of options available when looking for soundproof materials. It can get a little dizzying, not to mention expensive, to go through pages and pages of results and still not know which is best. If you’re looking for cheap soundproofing, then you need to focus on what works and then buy the item that gives you the best value per dollar. Here are the major things to consider when trying to get your soundproofing cheap.

Type of Soundproofing

Do you need soundproof curtains, tiles, panels or insulation? Focusing on the right one will ensure that you don’t waste any money while also ensuring that you actually reduce sound by a significant amount. Without getting too detailed, the type of soundproofing you need largely depends on where the sound is coming from and how wide it is.

For example, if most of your sound is coming from outside and you can hear it from the window, then you’d want to get soundproof curtains. If it’s coming from a small area or within one of your own rooms, then panels will often be best. If the sound is coming from a large area, then insulation will help dampen the noise.


Never, ever buy thin soundproofing material. Many of the cheaper options are thinner because they use less material, but all this does is reduce its effectiveness. If you want to actually reduce noise without buying a ton of panels or multiple curtains, then only focus on thick items. They may be a bit harder to find, but it’s best to buy one cheap soundproofing item than multiple ones (which just runs up the bill).

Some of the best materials include foam, cotton, and polyurethane. As long as you stick with a thick material, you’ll be fine.

Cut and Spread

This doesn’t apply quite as much with soundproof curtains, but it’s something that most people don’t think about with panels, tiles and other soundproofing items. Believe it or not, you can actually cut most soundproof items into smaller pieces. Most new buyers will be scared to do this and will leave the item in one piece. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it might drive up cost unexpectedly.

If you want to cut your costs without sacrificing quality, then just buy a big piece of material and cut it up. This is perfect with foam and polyurethane, all you need is a good pair of scissors or a strong knife to get through the item. Now you can spread the soundproofing around to ensure that you get adequate coverage to really reduce how much noise you hear.


Cheap soundproofing might sound hard, but it’s actually quite easy. Just focus on the basics and the main things to look for. You don’t have to worry about color, shape or other unnecessary (but often great) features, just focus on what really matters when it comes to reducing noise. If you do that, then you’ll easily find great soundproofing items that will help you get some peace and quiet without confronting your neighbors.