Soundproofing Foam: 5 Types & Everything Else You Want To Know

Soundproofing foam, also known as acoustic foam, comes in numerous shapes and sizes. Just a quick Google search will show you all types of foam designs. You can get eggcrate, pyramid, wedge, spade and so many others. Yes, there is a difference between each one, and not just in price. Some are better at blocking sounds overall, while others are better at blocking specific sound waves. We will go over the most popular types so that you can pick the right shape with confidence.

Wedge Foam

Wedge soundproofing foam is considered the best overall pick for soundproofing a room. While it doesn’t have many stand out qualities like blocking one sound better than another or better exceptionally affordable, it’s a good middle-of-the-road choice that gives you everything at a fair price. The pointed design helps trap sound waves and deadens them quite effectively. Installation is incredibly easy, and the wedge design looks professional for any home or office.

Pyramid Foam

This type of soundproofing foam is covered in many small pyramids that look quite interesting. Aside from the wonderfully spiky texture, this foam has some pros and cons when compared to wedge foam. It doesn’t block overall sound quite as well, but it’s much better at stopping echoes and diffuses sound much better than wedge foam. The price is often comparable to slightly higher than wedge foam, but you shouldn’t expect to spend much on this type.

Eggcrate Foam

Eggcrate soundproofing foam is surprisingly popular with DIYers and those new to soundproofing. It might be its familiar design (many beds use eggcrate foam for comfort) or its very low price tag, but this foam is both effective and very affordable. It’s not quite as good as wedge foam, so it’s best saved for small rooms or when you only need to reduce a small amount of noise. It also doesn’t look quite as professional as other foam types, so it’s best to cover it with fabric unless no one else is going to see it.

Spade Foam

While not as popular as the other types, spade foam offers amazing performance with an equally awesome aesthetic. This foam uses a rippling spade pattern and often comes with two interlocking sheets of foam. This shape is often more expensive than the others, but it performance is definitely worth it. If you need to cover a large area and reduce a lot of noise, then definitely look into spade foam.

Acoustic Grid

The grid pattern is seen most often in recording studios because this is the best for capturing bouncing sound waves and keeping them from escaping into other rooms. The price tag is around spade and wedge, and the professional design ensures that you can use this soundproofing foam anywhere without having to cover it up.


Soundproofing foam comes in many different shapes and colors. While they are all great at stopping sound, each one serves a different purpose and comes at varying price tags. Just be sure to research the shape of your choice to ensure that it does exactly what you need it to.