green glue damping compound

Green Glue Damping Compound

Green Glue damping compound is one of the most popular and effective soundproofing materials on the market today. Unfortunately, not many people preparing to undertake an amateur soundproofing project have heard of this material and many will waste a lot of time and money on less effective materials before they even realize Green Glue exists.

Green Glue is an incredibly easy to use soundproofing material that is often used in a wide variety of projects. It’s been used to soundproof floors, ceilings, walls, and even home theaters and recording studios. So why is Green Glue such an incredible project?

There are several different categories of sound proofing materials. Green Glue is what is known as a damping compound – a material that can add an extra layer of sound proofing to any existing platform. You don’t have to scrape paint or wall paper off of your walls or remove any existing drywall before applying Green Glue. You’ll simply use a standard caulking gun to squirt the waterborne material onto the surface, add a second layer of drywall right over top of the first, refinish the surface, and you’re done!

Alright, so we know it’s functional but does functional mean unaffordable? Absolutely not! What many professionals (and amateurs) love about Green Glue damping compound is the fact that it is so affordable. A case of 12 tubes costs approximately $200, which translates to around $16.66 for each tube. You’d probably spend more money looking for alternative soundproofing materials (like rugs, carpets, foam, and egg crates) than you would on a case of Green Glue and some new drywall.

Green Glue, as we mentioned before, has a great reputation when it comes to effectiveness. Those who have used Green Glue have received a sound rating, or STC, of 56 – meaning very little sound can be heard from outside a room that has used the material. Because of its high rating, Green Glue is now used in all sorts of commercial and residential projects.

What are some other reasons you should consider using Green Glue? It’s hassle free, for one. You don’t need to measure and cut a ton of material before beginning, cutting down on both setup and cleanup time. The efficient caulk-gun style kit also makes it easy to apply the material, cutting short the length of your entire project altogether.
Green Glue has quickly become a favorite amongst soundproofing professionals from all walks of life. It’s affordable, easy to use, and will make a huge difference when it comes to the level of noise reduction you gain upon completion of your project!

Green Glue is perhaps one of the most sought after soundproofing materials on the acoustic market today. Amateur and professional soundproofers alike turn to Green Glue because it is functional and meets all of their soundproofing needs. It’s affordable, easy to use, and safe.

Here are a few  facts to help you get started with your next soundproofing project. They’re derived from some of the most commonly asked we receive on a regular basis.

Can I use soundboard with Green Glue?

No way. Using soundboard with your Green Glue instead of regular drywall will definitely compromise the success of your soundproofing project. Soundboard is a very light, porous material and really isn’t good for any type of construction project. Your project will be most successful is you stick with a standard drywall.

Is Green Glue toxic to those who use it?

No. Green Glue is actually one of the safest soundproofing products you’ll find available for use. The company focuses on making eco-friendly products with as few toxic ingredients as possible. Green Glue is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. You will nice a faint odor when you use it but it is not harmful and usually fades quickly.

Is Green Glue safe for use in firewalls?

The makers of Green Glue put it through a series of tests and it was found that the product is not a fire hazard. You can use Green Glue in any type of construction, including those with high fire-ratings.

Is Green Glue expensive?

Green Glue happens to be one of the most affordable soundproofing materials available today. It costs around $200 for a case of 12 tubes, breaking down to just about $16.66 each. If you really want to do some hard-core math you’ll find it costs only $0.95 per square foot to use drywall on your walls. That, plus

Will I Need a lot of Green Glue?

No, you really won’t. A standard sheet of drywall is around 4′ x 8′ and you need 2 tubes of Green Glue per sheet. Some people use three but it’s optional to do so and using any more than that will actually compromise the success of your project.